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But where do we go and how much walking do we do?

We have divided our proposals into different themes in order to give an idea of the sort of excursions to be faced. These excursions are not too difficult and are suitable for most people. The proposals found on these pages are all daily trips and can be a valid way of choosing one’s own ideal hike. Besides they can simplify tour operators and school institutions work when planning programmes. Of course we are willing to adapt the itinerary to your needs or to create particular proposals which are made to measure.

Click on the black and white photos to see the excursions in greater detail.

Lakes, ponds and mountain streams

Excursions which are mainly of a naturalistic kind characterized by the element of water and which usually start at the head end of the valleys in open surroundings of alpine pastures and meadows.
Small museums 

Routes which give the opportunity of discovering small curiosities, crafts, traditional devotion, life in villages and included in the walk, a stop-off to visit particular local museum resources.
Rural culture

Routes which are mainly of a historical character and cultural to note the traces left by mountain rural culture or by small linguistic minorities such as that of the Walser.
Megalithism and symbolism

Proposals for excursions steeped in an atmosphere of mystery to discover megalithic works, legends and enigmatic symbols within itineraries of a historical, geological and naturalistic kind.
A plunge into nature

Excursions which are genuinely naturalistic starting from a height of 1200 m in subalpine surroundings in search of flowers and animals.
Art trails

Routes along low paths which can be used all year, for those who love walking amidst nature but also approaching art and discovering traces of the past.

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