The Protagonists of the Park

An excursion in Parco Veglia Devero in search of a man-to-nature relationship among mountain pastures, peat-bog areas, small lakes and dams includes a lunch break with polenta.

Difference in height: m 222 - Difficulty: T - Maximum height reached: m 1849 - Lunch: lunch in an alpine small restaurant

The mysterious Alpine Newt

A round route in Parco Veglia Devero in a landscape of larch woods and rhododendrons and sparkling waterfalls to reach Lake Nero and look for the shy alpine newt. On the way back one crosses the seemingly endless plain of the Buscagna Valley with its cows and cowherds and with a bit of luck… marmots and chamois.

Difference in height: m 343 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 1974 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Meadows, small lakes and rhododendrons

Excursion in the large eastern part of Parco Veglia Devero in a vast environment of alpine meadows among pastures, the Sangiatto little lakes, marmot whistles and the various kinds of flowers.

Difference in height: m 380 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 2010 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Among woods and ant-hills

A round route in an enchanted wood of firs, larches and giant ant-hills leading to the Colmine pass in the Antigorio Valley. On to Alpe Genuina characterized by alpine huts, dry stone wall enclosures and a unique stone cistern. Magnificent view on two sides of the valley and return by a route through ancient rural hamlets.

Difference in height: m 478 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 1695 - Lunch: picnic lunch

A panoramic view of Monte Rosa

A round route in the basin (head of the valley) of Macugnaga along a paved path through a larch wood and rugged mountain face towards the abandoned pastures of Alpe Meccia and Bill accompanied by the outline of the imposing massif of Monte Rosa. Having reached Macugnaga a visit to Dorf, the well-preserved ancient Walser hamlet and to the mountain museum.

Difference in height: m 558 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 1807 - Lunch: picnic lunch

The little “marble” lake of Scaredi

On entering the Val Grande National Park searching for ancient rural evidence one sees the lime-kilns and comes closer to cowherds’ lives. The Alpe Scaredi overlooks the wilderness and the marble lake reflects the white calcareous outcrops in its waters.

Difference in height: m 670 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 1925 - Lunch: picnic lunch

A plunge into nature