Cromlech, menhirs… and a glass of wine

Along the historical mule-track of the Gries pass one goes along the route used by ancient people going back in time among the groups of houses of Montecrestese. The attraction of megalithic sites among menhirs, cromlechs and tomb chambers of mysterious attribution accompany one on their way through rural groups of houses of medieval origin with blackened walls, faded frescoes, archways and traces of ancient trades. The round ends with the tasting of excellent wines of the Ossola Valley.

Difference in height: m 150 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 481 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Megalithic terraces and ancient religious evidence

Route along the River Ovesca among pagan symbolism and Christian cult visiting Romanesque churches of Saint Bartolomeo and Santa Maria del Piaggio in Villadossola, discovering the attraction of Pre-Romanesque portals, lunettes and crypts. To go further back into the past a walk along the archaeological path along the megalithic terraces of Varchignoli among underground chambers and monumental steps.

Difference in height: m 260 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 509 - Lunch: picnic lunch

The Devils’s wall among giants’ ravines and kettles

The story has it that the devil began to collect large monoliths… looking for the Devil’s wall among legends and magic places still alive through the presence of local people. The route continues by alternating paths and asphalted roads past gorges, ravines and the spectacular giants’ kettles.

Difference in height: m 280 - Difficulty: T - Maximum height reached: m 979 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Megalithism and symbolism