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Important information

The guides
The staff of Ossolahiking consists of Naturalistic Guides with a authorized qualification according to the regional law of Piedmont (L.R. 33/2001) and are covered by insurance. In order to assure the best possibile excursion and a safety of those taking part the decisions taken by the guides must be accepted. In the case of bad weather or for other unexpected situations the guides can call off or change the itinerary, moreover it is a guide’s duty not to allow any person to take part, if he or she is not wearing suitable clothes or carrying the right equipment.

Equipment or clothing
It is necessary to have suitable clothing for excursionism on mountain and alpine ground. In particolar walking ankle boots are a must. Remember that in the mountains it can happen that in a single day it is possibile to set off in the heat and after a few hours it is necessary to have to put on everything you have to defend yourself from the cold. Cloths must be confortable and allow transpiration, a water-proof jacket is a must. Rucksacks must contain food and drink for a packed lunch if so planned. Sunglasses, a hat and walking sticks are very usefull. Any particolar requirement concerning clothing and equipment will be communicated in the excursion programme.

Participation fee
The participation fees for daily trips are for each singular person and cover only the guide. Any extra costs, if not otherwise stated, are not included. The participants have also to pay for board and lodging and transport of the guide. If necessary everybody takes part in any extra expenses.

The reservation of the excursion must be confirmed by e-mail or by phoning the responsible guide directly at least three days before departure. In the case that the excursion is cancelled because of there are not the minimum number required or because of adverse weather forecast, the client will be notified at least one day before departure and in the case of having already paid a deposit, he or she will be refunded or offered a different reservation according to his or her wish.

The above mentioned conditions are to be accepted at the moment of booking.

Different levels of difficulties of the excursion
In order to understand the level of difficulty of the excursions we have adopted the scale of the Commissione Centrale Escursionismo of the Club Alpino Italiano.
T     Touristic trail
This means excursions suitable for everybody; itineraries on small roads, mule-tracks or wide paths. The excursions are not usually long and do not present any orientation problem and do not require specific training more than normal hikings. The excursion is in or round villages, tourist localities, country lanes and places which can have particular interest for easy hikings offering cultural, tourist and recreational activities.
E     Excursionist trail
This means excursions which cover paths and tracks over various kinds of ground (meadows, stony grounds…) and which are mainly mule-tracks which developed for agricultural or military reasons or paths leading to mountain huts or joining one valley to another. They are usually sign-posted with paint or piled-stones. These excursions require quite a good physical training and orientation ability.
EE   Excursions for expert hikers
This means itineraries which are usually sign-posted but require a capacity to move easily over difficult and tricky ground where there could be chains to hang on to. In this case it is necessary to have a good training and knowledge of mountains and difficult hiking experience and suitable equipment. These excursions usually follow crossings along high mountain trails.
EAI  Excursions on snowy ground
This means itineraries which cover snowy ground where it is necessary to use snowshoe.

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