Religiousness and popular traditions

Starting from the village of Re in Vigezzo Valley a mule-track leads to the Villette village known for its sundials, where the “Cà di Feman” museum offers a glimpse of peasants’ life in the past. After the visit the way crosses the daring Malione bridge over the Melezzo and shortly leads to the imposing Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Blood which houses the miracolous fresco.

Difference in height: m 150 - Difficulty: T - Maximum height reached: m 860 - Lunch: picnic lunch

The Pinocchio path

Forno is the centre of activity in Strona Valley. The Sacred Art museum is a small collection of objects connected with popular devotion. Walking along the “Strà Vegia” one follows the tracks of the mountain people as far as the village of Campello Monti. On the way back the extravagant Barbaguerà introduces one to wood carving with a plunge into the past. Mastro Geppetto shows his workshop with bright hand-painted Pinocchio puppets.

Difference in height: m 442 - Difficulty: T - Maximum height reached: m 1305 - Lunch: picnic or lunch in a family run restaurant available if required

To the sound of a Saxophone

From the church in Cesara, a pleasant village on the eastern side of Lake Orta, via a path through the woods one can reach the village of Nonio with its medieval lions at the base of the church columns. Going towards the small lakes of Nonio one arrives at Quarna Sotto, the small capital of jazz music. The ethnographic museum and the musical wind instrument museum recall the nearby crafts factory where time seems to have stopped.

Difference in height: m 288 - Difficulty: T - Maximum height reached: m 774 - Lunch: picnic or lunch at the local village “Circolo” (club) available if required

The darkness of the mine, the brightness of gold and the magic of Walser

Like the old miners one can go through the galleries of the Guia mine in Anzasca Valley searching for gold. Back in sunlight in the Walser museum the ‘Stube’ (stove room) warms one while getting people to know about the mysteries of Walser culture. Along the old mule track one can reach the suggestive ‘lago delle Fate’ (Fairies’ lake) for a stop before arriving at the abandoned miners’ village.

Difference in height: m 165 - Difficulty: T - Maximum height reached: m 1360 - Lunch: picnic or the choice of having lunch in an alpine family run restaurant

Small museums