The flowered balcony effect of Lake Maggiore among art and nature

A walk half-way up the hill with a breathtaking view on the lake surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. In Cannobbio, an ancient medieval village, a walk along the lake side among arcades and cafés, a visit to the Santuario della Pietà and then to head towards the path which leads to the castle-like Carmine Superiore cut out of the rocks with its Romanesque church and frescoes. Ahead towards Cannero with a glance at the legendary castles which emerge from the lake and a walk along the centre of Cannero where there is the opportunity to visit the ethnographic museum and/or to go on a solar-powered boat trip.

Difference in height: m 295 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 500 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Romanesque art and rural architecture

A route facing the Ossola Valley among woods, torrents, terraces and rural villages. Going along ancient settlements one can find traces of past trades and shared structures like ovens, presses, mills and a strange rock with signs of extracting olla stone. On the way back there is the Romanesque church of Saint Quirico, fascinating for its ancient frescoes and anthropomorphic symbols.

Difference in height: m 240 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 620 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Spirituality on Lake Orta

A round route among lakes and mountains, history and greatly suggestive nature. By skirting Lake Orta promontory and glancing at imposing villas, one reaches Corconio a Baroque architectural jewel and on to the Buccione medieval tower with wonderful panorama and then to the Franciscan monastery of Monte Mesma, a place of spirituality and peace. One reaches the characteristic village of Vacciago with the Calderara Foundation dedicated to contemporary art and then the route back through the painted village of Legro.

Difference in height: m 250 - Difficulty: T - Maximum height reached: m 541 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Discovering ancient trails

Montorfano an enourmous granite mass stands between Lake Mergozzo and Lake Maggiore offering several  naturalistic and historical attractions. The Cadorna Line, a military engineering effort, the hard work of stonecutters, the sledge used for carrying down the heavy stones, the Romanesque church of San Giovanni with its ancient paleo-Christian baptistery, the Azzurro path hidden by the chestnut wood. Having reached the pleasant village of Mergozzo a leap in the past by visiting the old area of Castello and the Antiquarium archaeological museum.

Difference in height: m 594 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 794 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Art trails