Enchanted lakes and spring waters in Bognanco Valley

Excursion high in the Bognanco Valley in alpine surroundings of exceptional beauty. Passing through a larch wood one can reach the edge of vegetation to discover little lakes, one above the other, surrounded by rocky peaks. On the way back a stop at the Bognanco Spa in order to enter the heart of the mountain and see the springs of the famous mineral waters which gush from the rock and taste the different kinds.

Difference in height: m 641 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 2269 - Lunch: picnic lunch

In the glaciological canyon of Ossola

Passing through the areas between Baceno and Premia one can see signs of glacial erosion walking among ravines, gorges and kettle holes. A visit to the Saint Gaudenzio church in Baceno, a national monument, with its impressive frescoes and to the small mineralogical collection in Premia.

Difference in height: m 150 - Difficulty: T - Maximum height reached: m 723 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Dams of blue-green water in Antrona Valley

After passing along the side of Lake Antrona one climbs to the Campliccioli dam for a pleasant excursion around the lake’s clear waters which cover alpine pastures of the past and which reflect the green of age-old larch woods.

Difference in height: m 339 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 1412 - Lunch: picnic lunch

The drop of the river Toce and Bettelmatt

The old Ammano house invites people to look around the evocative museum before the natural spectacle of the Toce waterfall in the higher Formazza Valley. The Riale plain is the starting point of the excursion to Alpe Bettelmatt, one of the famous pastures for the production of the well-known cheese. On return a walk along the lake in Morasco.

Difference in height: m 392 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 2112 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Rocks, marmots among lakes and ponds

Excursion in higher Formazza Valley among alpine meadows full of flowers and snow-capped peaks around the Toggia lake. One crosses the moon-like landscape to reach the two Boden lakes while all the time hearing the sound of marmots whistle.

Difference in height: m 628 - Difficulty: E - Maximum height reached: m 2348 - Lunch: picnic lunch

Lakes, ponds and mountain streams